Pusat Pengembangan Bioteknologi


Dr. Syarif Husen, MP

Biotechnology basically is principle of science and technology using biological agents in cultivating lands to produce goods and services. It is expected to be able to help solving problems such as food shortage, food quality decrease, environmental pollution, pest, critical land, genetic erosion, and extinction of biological resources. 

With the broad background reasons in economy, socials, politics, culture, and education as well as the the urgent need to develop human resource, through the Higher Education Council of Muhammadiyah,  Muhammadiyah established seven science and technology study center in August 1991. One of them is Biotechnology Development Center/Pusat Pengembangan Bioteknologi (Pusbang Biotek). The Pusbang Biotek is expected to be able providing additional values for the graduates' qualities from Muhammadiyah Universities in general and University of Muhammadiyah Malang in particular. Thus, the objectives in facilitating research, biotechnology development and implementation, and human resource quality improvement can be achieved. 

Pusbang Biotek led by Mr. Dr. Syarif Husen, MP., has several operational programs namely : Research, Education and Training, Community Service, Production, Cooperation between Institutions and Organizations, Development of Laboratory Supporting Facilities, Laboratory Development, Providing Research Staffs,  Technicians, Administrative Staffs and Their Developments.



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